It's about outcome, not income.

We're a new media incubator aiming to provide reliable journalism and trustworthy information. We value facts and honesty. We believe everyone has the right to information and that the facts and truth are not open to interpretation.

With these convictions, we hope to counter mainstream media and manipulative, misleading content. We want to put an end to censorship, media bias and intentional spreading of disinformation. For this purpose, we build not-for-profit cooperatives, which serve as important tools in achieving our common goal: jump-starting the media (r)evolution.

The media (r)evolution

Our team is made up of individuals who share these notions and are
directing their efforts and various talents in turning them into reality.
We are cooperating closely to bring you a space where you can enjoy
freedom of speech, availability of information and realistic, objective
representation of facts, untainted by corporate media.

Most importantly, we want to include you in the (r)evolution, as we
believe in your truth and your freedom.